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Fake Omega Speedmaster will always be remembered as the first watch on the moon, but this is not the only reason, this watch is still a must-buy. Even if you don't know its history, Supermaster is still a very ideal fake watch. In the world of luxury replica watches marketing, this is a truly extraordinary watch. Of course, like the Rolex Waterman Daytona, it combines classic and modern design with an impressive mechanical design under the hood. It also looks and feels reliable, a trusted replica watch. However, what a few brands do (although many claim) Omega Speedmaster's products are space, or more specifically the moon. This is just one of the things that brings this sports chronograph to another stratosphere.

As a marketing tool, it will never get old: "The first watch on the moon." This is almost the best timepiece. If you want a replica watch that combines adventure, old-school masculinity and strict technical standards, NASA's recognition mark is hard to beat, although this does not stop the story. Until recently, it was thought that a member of NASA went to the Houston jeweler to buy a replica watch for testing, one of which was the Omega Speedmaster fake watch. The facts are even more bland. The supersonic pilot was known to the astronaut Wally Schirra for his NASA. He wore the CK2998 replica watch in the Mercury Atlas 8 mission in 1962, the second iteration of the watch. When NASA decided to equip astronauts with astronauts in the Gemini program, as part of its toolkit, it called on the brand to send models for testing. In the end, only three replica watches were tested: Rolex Cosmograph ref.6239, Wittnauer (Longines) Geneva Professional Chronograph 242T and Omega orologi replica. Hamilton sent a pocket replica watch, but because it did not meet NASA standards, no test was submitted. Since the replica watch is to be worn outside the space suit, the process must be rigorous. The test was carried out at high temperature, and it took four hours at -18 กใ C to perform temperature and pressure oscillation tests, as well as humidity, impact, oxygen atmosphere and acceleration check.

It also suffers from decompression, high pressure and vibration. After all, Rolex stopped running twice; during the high-voltage test, the crystal on the Longines was warped and loose; but in the decompression test, everything that happened to the Omega Speedmaster increased by 21 minutes, lost in the accelerated test. It took 15 minutes and the luminescence performance on the hour mark decreased. Double certified, it was first released as standard equipment for the first Gemini flight. But it is the choice of the Apollo program fake rolex, which has blocked its fate. On Baz Aldrin's wrist, not Neil Armstrong, because one of the timing instruments failed, he had to leave it in the lunar module, so it became the first replica watch worn on the moon's surface.